The Binax 7 Range in Dublin & Across Ireland

Siemens Binax Hearing Aids

Better Than Normal Hearing

Siemens has made the claim that the Binax can deliver better than normal hearing in noisy situations and all of the studies confirm it.

The Siemens Binax 7 is the highest level of technology avaialble from Siemens in the Binax range. It contains 48 processing channels for improving sound quality and a greater number of features which enable it to be more refined and fine tuned for your needs. The full range of models are available from the smallest “in the ear” to full size “behind the ear” models and all are suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.

Of the three RIC (Receiver in canal) models available, the larger two, the Carat and the Pure have a rechargeable battery option and contain more features than the Ace, which is significantly smaller and a more discrete option.

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Main features

The Most channels

The Binax 7 is 48 channel hearing aid. This is a lot more than any other hearing aids in existence from any of the manufacturers. Most top end aids have between 15 and 20 channels. Professionals are undecided whether these extra channels provide additional benefit or not. The cochlea (inner ear) only contains 20 natural channels, with around 17 or 18 of which we think are used.

Binaxfocus including spatial speech focus

This feature helps you to hear conversation better in noisy environments, if you go into a noisy place, the feature will automatically track the levels of background noise and work out where the speech sounds near to you are coming from. The hearing aids will then then work together by communicating wirelessly so that they focus the hearing aids towards the speech sounds. This allows you to hear the person you are talking to rather than the background noise around you. The feature is automatic, but it also has a manual option if you want to focus on a specific speaker, you can manually focus your hearing in that direction using your remote control.


BinaxSound gives the hearing aids HD (High Definition) sound quality. Both hearing aids share the sound between the microphones which creates a virtual network of eight microphones to pick up the sounds around you.  An example of how this works is that if speech sounds coming in from your left are being picked up by your left aid more clearly, it will transfer the sound to both ears so that you can hear them in stereo rather than from just that one side.


BinaxGuide lets you manually change the direction of the microphones are focusing in to either front, back, left or right. This can be useful for car journeys if you need to face forwards but the passenger is to your side. You simply use your remote control to tell the aids to listen in that direction.

e2e Wireless

Siemens e2e Wireless technology (e2e stands for ear to ear) allows your left and right aids to collect sound and send it to each other. This enables all of the above features to function.

Other features

eWindscreen binaural

This program cuts down the effect of wind noise on the hearing aids when you are outside. If you have two aids, they work together so that if the wind is affecting one side, the other side is made clearer to compensate.

Sound Smoothing

This feature is a noise reduction feature that manages impact or sudden noises, for instance if a door is slammed or a plate is dropped on the floor the hearing aid reacts immediately to soften those loud and unexpected sounds.

Tinnitus masking program

This feature allows your Irish Hearing Aids professional to run some tests to find the frequency of your tinnitus and add a personalised program of sounds to help to lessen the effects of your tinnitus.

Feedback Cancellation

The whistling or screeching that you get from your hearing aid when your ear gets too near to the side of your chair or you hug someone is called feedback. This feature is ultra fast and gets rid of the problem before it happens.

Bluetooth Connection

This enables Bluetooth streaming using the easyTek sound streamer and your remote control. Stream sounds directly from your phone or TV.

Spatial Configurator

Using the app you can download on your Android or Apple smartphone you can have full control over your hearing aid. You can control the volume as well as individually altering bass and treble. The program can be changed, your hearing can be focused in a particular direction and you can fine tune each program’s settings easily and discretely.

Siemens hearing aids have dramatically improved over the last year or two and the Binax 7 has been exceptionally well received by professionals and customers alike. If you are interested in this technology but your budget won’t stretch to this model then you might also want to consider the Binax 5 or Binax 3.