Custom Hearing Aids For Even The Most Severe Hearing Loss

Powerful but discreet in the ear hearing aids

Siemens Insio hearing aidsPeople with severe hearing loss need powerful hearing aids, that usually means that they can only use behind the ear hearing devices. Now for the first time, with the newest models of the Siemens Insio family, they can also choose the smallest in-the-ear devices. Not just a new discrete option for severe hearing loss, but also the very latest wireless technology. When worn as a pair, they connect wirelessly to each other, coordinate settings and even exchange audio signals among themselves.

The new Insio hearing aids use innovative technology to mimic natural hearing processes. For you, it simply means you can hear more clearly and understand more easily, even with the particularly small Insio hearing aids being scarcely visible.

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A discreet option

Having come onto the market only recently, the Siemens Insio family of in-the-ear hearing aids offers high-technology in the smallest of spaces. Suitable for virtually any ear canal type and even sitting completely in the ear canal, they are practically invisible from the outside and therefore particularly discreet.

Wireless Hearing Aids

Insio CICAlthough small, the Insio hearing aids use the innovative Siemens technology of the mainly larger, high-end behind-the-ear models. In this case, the hearing aids in the left and right ear connect wirelessly to each other and even exchange the audio signals of the microphones among themselves. It may sound complicated but it isn’t for hearing aid wearers as these processes take place completely automatically in the background.

People with impaired hearing benefit from the result: a full and pleasant sound and clear speech comprehension. Their technological edge comes into its own particularly when the surroundings are noisy or the wind is blowing.

Even for severe hearing loss

Now, with the new, especially powerful Insio models, people with severe hearing impairment can use this technology in discreet in-the-ear hearing aids for the first time. The innovations of the shell, which is custom made for each ear, also provide the amplification necessary for severe hearing loss. They have been matched to the specific hearing requirements of the severely hearing impaired – particularly for directional hearing and speech comprehension.

Smart hearing aids, smart apps

There are free apps for Apple and Android smartphones which can be used to remotely control the hearing aids. This works even more conveniently with the easyTek accessory which is worn around the neck. The hearing aids connect to sophisticated communication and consumer electronics via easyTek. easyTek can work both as a hands-free facility for smartphones and, when connected via a wireless adaptor for example, can also transmit the sound from the television straight to the hearing aids.