New Smaller Custom Hearing Aids with Innovative Wireless Technology

When it comes to hearing aids, many people think that the smaller, the better. In our last article we talked about the new Siemens Insioâ„¢ hearing aids. If you like smaller, than they might be the perfect solution for you. What is really fantastic is that even the tiniest models of our top in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids are now equipped with the latest wireless technology and directional microphone systems. This is another worldwide first from Siemens.

More performance, yet even smaller

As we said, the new Insio are smaller than their predecessors and Siemens have packed features that offer far broader performance in an even smaller package. They have also done some nifty tricks when it comes to power consumption and management, it means they can continue to run on the smallest of batteries, since they still need very little power.

Natural hearing

The technology within the new Insio hearing aids is inspired by natural hearing processes. They capture their sound environment much more accurately than their older devices. Thanks to High Definition Sound Resolution (HDSR), they reproduce sound for you in even finer detail. Siemens says that this is how Insio offers users a three-dimensional, natural sound experience and precise hearing. They also deliver all of that even in difficult listening situations like crowded restaurants. Even with the typical background noise like dishes clattering, music playing and other diners engaged in lively conversation all around, you can more easily focus on the speech you want to hear.

Better exchange of information

Siemens have also made sure that the new Insio hearing aids can do even more than exchange information about volume levels, sounds, program settings, and internal computations. When fit as a pair the Insio devices on your left and right ears also exchange and combine audio data of the surrounding sound environment. Instantaneously, they recognize and analyze the sound environment, identify the directions from which sound is coming, and exchange relevant information with one another. Through some really clever technology, models with one microphone per device form a virtual four-microphone network, while others with two microphones apiece create a virtual eight-microphone network. This allows much better focus on the speech you want to hear and delivers unprecedented clarity.

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