Siemens TEK – Wireless Enhancement and Connectivity

We all want to be connected to our world, be it through our mobile phone or through the MP3 music we listen to, even to watch TV. Every day there’s some new way to be entertained, be informed, be in touch.

Siemens TEK brings all these devices wirelessly together with your hearing instruments, for the most amazing listening experience possible.

Now there’s an easier way to connect with your mobile phone. Answer calls from a button on TEK Connect. Get the signal directly in both hearing instruments. Leave your phone in your pocket. Life is easy. Enjoy optimum audio whether you’re screening a DVD or simply watching TV. There’s no disturbance. No feedback. With sound streamed directly to your hearing instruments, there’s no need to fight over the volume control.

The TEK Connect System is available through our retail partners so please discuss this option with them.

Download the Siemens TEK Brochure