Siemens Binax

It’s never been so easy to enjoy every decibel of life than with Binax hearing instruments. Effortless, robust and equipped with revolutionary Siemens BestSound Technology – they are made for hassle-free hearing.

Motion is available in a variety of in-the-ear (ITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE) solutions. Now with TEK Bluetooth Connectivity you can have a conversation on your mobile phone by streaming the call directly into your hearing instruments.

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Most of Siemens hearing instruments (BTEs) are always ready to keep up with your busy lifestyle. That’s because you won’t have to stop to change batteries or dry your instruments. Just leave your BTE to the new battery charger to do it for you. Six hours of rest is all it needs.

Many Siemens hearing instruments offer you unparalleled convenience: they run on standard batteries, as well as rechargeable ones. Simply place your instruments in the eCharger at night and after just 6 hours, they’re ready to work all day. Thanks to the new, improved battery charger, you’ll have no unwelcome surprises of batteries running out and no fumbling with your instruments. Now you can truly rest easy. It dries while you dream.

While you sleep, the new eCharger not only refreshes your instrument’s batteries, but also dries the hearing instruments. It’s fast, reliable and with a little daily care, provides the perfect protection from moisture.