Invisible Hearing Aids

Invisible Hearing Aids in Dublin and across Ireland

In recent years many of the hearing aid manufacturers have re-doubled their efforts to deliver truly invisible hearing aids. Now, nearly all of the leading manufacturers offer an Invisible In the Canal (IIC) hearing device, usually in a range of technology levels.

The hearing aids have got so small that they fit deeply in your ear canal. So only you will ever know that you are wearing them. Siemens have recently introduced their own Binax powered Invisible Hearing Aid called the Insio.

Not For Everyone Though

Invisible hearing aids (or Hidden Hearing Aids, as some people call them) are not suitable for everyone, though.

There are restrictions on the hearing loss that the Hearing Devices can cover. There are also some restrictions on the size and shape of the ear canal that Invisible Hearing Aids are suitable for.

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Cue Invisible in Canal (IIC) instrument. Made in Ireland.

Totally invisible custom hearing aid available with our exclusive SoftTouch™ technology.

Today, smaller components deliver bigger results. Introducing Cue®, our totally invisible custom hearing aid available with our exclusive SoftTouch™ technology. A simple, soft touch to the ear allows wearers to change memories for different listening environments. Cue provides a discreet, custom-fit instrument with easy adjustments and increased capabilities in a smaller-than-ever size.