Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do Hearing Aids cost?

There are many factors that need to be considered when estimating the price of a Hearing Aid: What type of aid is it? What type and degree of Hearing loss do I have? Did I get my hearing consultation and other services with the aid? What are the capabilities and product features?

Most patients are offered a range of instruments at a range of prices, that are suitable for their particular Hearing Problems, talk to your local Dispenser.

Q. Aren’t they cheaper abroad?

It will surprise most people, that Hearing aids cost less in Ireland than most other European countries. And certainly less than in the USA.
There is no VAT on Hearing Aids in Ireland, VAT is now charged at 20% in the UK and Northern Ireland. You must remember that the Hearing Aid is only a part of the service that you are buying. Hearing Aids need adjustment over their life, and the regular cleaning and servicing required are provided by the dispenser as part of their service.

Some people who have purchased a Hearing Aid overseas, when visiting family for instance, thinking they would save money, have found out to their cost that they had to pay for the services they needed.

Q. What assistance exists for funding the purchase of my hearing Aid?

Qualifying insured workers get a grant assistance for the purchase of Hearing Aids, 50% of the cost of Hearing Aids is covered, up to a maximum grant of €500 ( or €1,000 for both ears)
Hearing Aids, as medical devices, qualify for tax relief, at the standard rate, along with your regular medical expenses. If you have a Medical card, you may qualify for a Hearing Aid from the HSE, contact your GP for a referral to your local health clinic. There is usually a long waiting list

Q. Should I wear two hearing aids?

If you suffer from a hearing loss in both ears, then the answer is of course, yes. Unless there are good reasons not to, if you have a dead ear for instance. Studies have shown, that a person with bi-lateral hearing loss, who only gets one hearing aid will find that the hearing in the unaided ear will deteriorate over time.

Q. Where should I buy Batteries?

You should always buy Hearing Aid Batteries from your local Hearing Aid Dispenser. They do not hold stock for prolonged periods, so you are far less likely to purchase ‘out of date’ product. Your dispenser may have an arrangement with a local Pharmacy or local Optician, be guided by them. If you have a hearing aid from a chain, or bought overseas, call our freephone number for advise on your local service, or use our ‘find your local dispenser page’

Q. How do I know which battery to get?

99% of all batteries used in Hearing Aids, are the 4 main sizes, and are easiest identified by the coloured tab on the battery, These are:

  • Blue, size 675
  • Orange, size 13
  • Brown, size 312
  • Yellow, size 10

Q. How do I care for my hearing aid?

Good Quality Hearing Aids seldom break down; the vast majority of complaints are caused by blockages of moisture, Earwax, or debris. A hearing Aid that is used every day, should be cleaned every day.

  • Keep hearing aids away from heat and moisture.
  • Clean hearing aids as instructed. Earwax and moisture can damage a hearing aid.
  • Avoid using hairspray or other hair care products while wearing hearing aids.
  • Turn off hearing aids when they are not in use.
  • Replace dead batteries immediately.
  • Keep replacement batteries and small aids away from children and pets.

Q. Where can I get more information?

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