Siemens Life

Siemens Life is the hearing instrument for individuals. Sleek, smart and sophisticated, it’s styled to suit you in every way.

It unites discreet size with 16 exchangeable colors, for a solution that’s truly individual. And Life not only looks elegant, it also performs beautifully.

Its new BestSound Technology delivers sound that’s completely customized and entirely effortless. Discover how you can enjoy every decibel of life, without compromising your style.

Open Fit & Thin Tube Style for truly natural hearing.

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Siemens Pure

Thanks to the nearly invisible, Siemens Pure R.I.C (Receiver-in-Canal Technology) you will find yourself often in the spotlight. But not your hearing loss.

Its tiny size hides revolutionary Siemens BestSound Technology and TEK Bluetooth Connectivity. Pure is ultra small but full of sophisticated technology to ensure natural sound quality and an unmatched, intuitive listening experience.

And now, select Pure instruments are available with our latest innovation – BestSound Technology.

Download Brochure in PDF format